What are The Currencies in Monster Legends and How to Earn Them

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There are three in-game currencies in Monster Legends including gems, food, and gold. They’re used for various activities and progresses in the gameplay. Let’s have a look at those currencies.


The gold bar is the main and most-used currency in the Monster Legends platform. You spend gold for growing food on your farms, upgrading the building, activating your monsters’ Runes. Fortunately, there are many ways to acquire coins including collecting them in the Dragon Market, completing the Daily Bonus, selling items, selling monsters, selling eggs, and so forth. The amount of gold acquired may vary in each activity. You can also purchase gold packages via in-game purchases. However, the primary way to acquire coins could be collecting them from the habitats of your monster each minute depending on your level and start coins.


Gems are the premium Monster Legends currency. You can use gems for any actions, redeeming gold hand food, acquiring cells, speeding up the upgrades, purchasing monster, and so forth. You can simply purchase a certain amount of gems using your physical money. However, it’s not everybody’s concern to invest such money for the game. Actually, the Monster Legends Gameplay allows you to acquire gems gradually through various objectives and activities.

Video Ads

You can simply navigate to the Monsterwood and watch advertisement video there and gain some gems if you’re lucky. You need to watch the videos until the end to earn the gems. You need a firm internet connection to do these watching activities, strong Wi-Fi is highly advisable.

Adventure Map

You can simply fight against monsters in the Adventure Map and gain some gems gradually. However, don’t expect tons of gem, it could be slow and depend on your level.


Activities in the Dungeons is actually rewarding you with the gems. However, fighting activities seem to be the most promising gem system.


Like other RPG games, as the monster master, you’re able to participate in the limited-time Events. It’s worth to try especially when you’re not in the pitch. The number of gems may vary.
Roulette Wheels
Don’t forget to spin the roulette wheels. You’ll get the chance to spin them once a day, it’s reset per 24 hours. If you’re lucky enough, you may get some eligibles and hopefully the certain amount of gems.

Goals and Objectives

There will be certain goals and objectives which give you chances to get gems. The goals may vary for each day and each week which keep you engaged with the Monster Legends. The same thing goes for completing the achievements and activities in the Monster Arena. Being a Monster Master could be a long-term commitment, it’s fun anyway.


Well, it’s always exciting to open the chest and see what you get inside it. It’s not an assurance that you can get the gems inside it, but this activity is worth to try.

Timed Challenges

You’ll race against the time to score and complete the challenges including harvesting, arena battle, collecting a certain amount of gold, monster breeding, and so forth. Just trigger yourself once you’re in a time challenges, you may get your gems.

monster legends food guides


Food is actually the crucial currency to feed your monster so they can level up. Once they leveled up, they’ll be stronger and you can bank more golds more quickly. It’s not gold which is used to upgrade habitat, relics, and building, it’s the food for sure. So how you can acquire food? there are two common ways to get food for your monster.

1. Redeeming with Gems or Gold

You can simply redeem food with a certain amount of Gems or Gold. So, you need to bank more golds and gems to maintain your stocks sufficient to feed your monsters.

2. In-Game Purchases

Like gems and golds, you can simply purchase food with real money. This way, your stocks would depend on how much you want to invest. Think before invest money for food, since acquiring gold and gems isn’t impossible, you just need to be diligent in managing your monsters and the habitats.

These are the in-game currencies of Monster Legends. As you can see, the system allows you to acquire currencies in many ways. Don’t get stuck with one or two sources, since the game is free to play, gain your currencies from every possible source. Investing money for Monster Legends currencies is completely optional.

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