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It might be an unpopular topic for some people, but the Hatchery in Monster Legends plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Actually, every egg will go through hatchery. The Hatchery in Monster Legends appears as 6×6 building and is available as the default one. Every Monster Legends Players start the game with the Hatchery by default. Here are the characters of Hatchery building in the Monster Legends gameplay you need to know to improve your game experience.

1. Can’t Be Purchased

Unlike other buildings in the Monster Legends Universe, the Hatchery is a default building which is not for sale. That’s why you can’t purchase the Hatchery in anyways. It doesn’t matter how many golds or gems you can’t buy another Hatchery for the habitat. It’s true that everyone wants to speed up their hatching process but unfortunately, purchasing them isn’t an option. The good news is that hatchery building is there for free.

2. Can’t Be Stored

Monster Legends doesn’t allow you to store the Hatchery building. They work by default in the Monster Legends gameplay. It just works that way and you can’t, at anyways, rem the function or store them for other purposes. It’s understandable since the Hatchery is where your eggs will be hatched simultaneously after breeding in the Breeding Mountain. Yes, it’s a simultaneous process which is unfortunately uninterruptable by any actions. So you can interfere with the process of the hatching in the Hatchery building either.

3. Can’t Be Sold

At this point, it’s also pretty clear that the Hatchery building can’t be sold at anyways. There are various ways to gain golds and gems through Monster Legends game modes and events but selling the Hatchery isn’t an option. It can’t be sold even though you’re not breeding so many eggs soon. But since you can’t purchase it, it’s very reasonable that you can’t sell it.

monster legends hatchery

4. Upgradable

Despite its limitation, the Hatchery building in Monster Legends is fortunately upgradable. In default, the Hatchery is only able to hatch one egg at a time and it will remain that way even though you’re leveling up until you upgrade it. At this point, you can perform upgrades of Hatchery by spending a significant amount of gems. It seems that the upgrades only scaling up the number of the eggs the Hatchery can load at a time but not the speed or other aspects.

But it improves your game experiences since hatching three eggs at a time is the same thing with having three hatcheries hatching one egg at the same time. Upgrading Hatchery is allowed for three stages. First upgrades require 40 gems to perform and it makes the hatchery able to load two eggs. The second upgrade requires 100 gems and the third upgrades 200 gems. If the hatchery is very important to you but you don’t have enough gems to perform the upgrades, you can consider investing real money for packs of gems through in-app purchases. However, you can grind up to certain level and make the decision as it’s progressed.

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