The Category of Monsters Base on the Rarity

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You Are Here:The Category of Monsters Base on the Rarity

There are five categories of Monster in Monster Legends based on their rarity including Common(C), Uncommon(UC), Rare(R), Epic(E), and Legendary(L)


It appears as a yellow-colored circular emblem with silver outline. The “common” is the most basic rarity category in the Monster Legends. What might describe the basic monsters is that they only have one element. You can have a Common monster at the very beginning of your Monster Legends gameplay. The Common monsters are available in the shop and can be purchased with your gold. Your common monsters cannot exceed the level 40 except they’re 5 -star monsters which can reach up to level 70. The monsters include Firesaur, Thunder Eagle, Treezard, Tyrannoking, Mersnake, Genie, Light Spirit, Rockilla, Metalsaur, and many more.


As the Monster master breeding hybrid monster is one of your prominent tasks after feeding them. Uncommon Monsters are indicated with “UC” mark on the peach-colored circular emblem with silver outline. These Uncommon Monsters are easily bred from two different elements. You only need to do a direct breeding with a high success rate, the results are the uncommon monsters. It has a higher maximum level than the Commons at 60, but the 5-Star Uncommon monsters can reach up to level 90.

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The Rare monsters are actually breedable but with a lower success rate than the Uncommon Monster has at around 50% as you’re trying the direct breeding. Rare category appears as Red circular emblem with “R” mark and silver outline. Monsters Rare can reach their peak at level 75 while the fully ranked ones can go up to 30 more levels forwards. Some Rare monsters you might have heard including Thundenix, Pandaken, Dendrosaur, Komocat, Firetaur, Tarzape, Nanukk, Bonbon, Haze, Hedgy, Aurinia, Zim, and many more. Have you collected some of these Rare monsters?

monsters tipsEpic

Epic monsters are the very powerful monsters which are very difficult to breed. Rarity category is represented with Green circular emblem with “E” mark on it and silver outline. This category is the second strongest in the Monster Legends system. The Epic monsters can reach up to level 90 while the fully ranked ones can keep forward for 30 more. Breeding Epic monsters are definitely not easy, but there always possibilities. Some names of Epic monsters include Pandalf(you’re greeted and guided by him at tutorial), Darknubis, Dragonian, Musu, Drop Elemental, Duchess, Fayemelina, Rhynex, Skipples, Razfeesh, Terracrank, Fliploch, Esthirel, Cthulhu, and many more.


The Legendary monsters are undoubtedly the strongest monster breeds in the Monster Legends. Legendary monsters possess the highest stats in most aspects. They represent the best skills in the Monster Legends environment. Legendary monsters can reach up to level 100 and 130 for the fully ranked monsters. The highest monsters category appears as a Purple circular emblem with “L” mark on it and silver outline. Depending which elements and other aspects, some of the Legendary monsters would be Arch Knight, Darkzgul, Vadamagma, Lord of Atlantis.

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