The Basics of Monster Legends Element Guide

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Monster Legends universe is home to hundreds of adorable monsters from 10 different elements including Nature, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark, Magic, Light, Metal, and Special. Each element has its strength and weakness which determine how it should be managed, habitats, leveling up and of course, breeding. By knowing the characters of each element, you can enjoy a better game experience of Monster Legends.

The basic of breeding and combating is not crossing any elements which oppose each other and against themselves. Here is the element guide:

1. Nature

The monster with nature elements will be in their weakest points when facing the Nature elements. In other hands, they will be strong against the monster with Magic elements. So, it’s better to take your Nature monster into the lineup when facing Magic Monsters.

2. Fire

The Fire monsters will be at their strongest points when facing the Nature monsters. However, they would be very weak when facing their brothers with the same Fire elements. Don’t forget to plot a Fire monster when facing the nature monster.

3. Earth

The Earth monsters are very strong when facing a monster with Thunder elements. Never clash them with other Earth monster since they’d be in the weakest point. When combating with Thunder monsters, the Earth monsters are the best the forces.

4. Thunder

Like in the real world, the Thunder elements overpower the Water element. The Thunder monsters would be very strong when facing the Water monsters but they wouldn’t get along with their own brothers in Thunder elements. Set your Thunder monster in any possibility of combating against Thunder monsters.

5. Water

It’s a simple physic law, water will set the fire off. The Water monster will easily defeat the Fire monsters. However, they don’t get along with other Water monsters. Get your Water monsters ready for battle against the Fire Monsters.

6. Dark

The darkness comes over the earth, that’s exactly what happened in the Monster Legends. The Dark monster will easily get rid the Earth monster since they’re the strongest point. But, they’re weak against other Dark monsters.

7. Magic

Monsters with the Magic element is the best choice when battling against the Metal monster. In such condition, the Magic monster becomes very strong and possibly undefeatable. However, it’s a bad idea to get them along with other Magic Monsters.

8. Light

It’s another physic law in the Monster Legends universe, where the light gets rid of the dark. The Light monsters would be very strong when battling against the Dark monsters. Get your Light army ready for the Dark forces!

9. Metal

The shiny metal bends the light over. That’s exactly what would happen when you Battling with Metal monsters against the Light monsters. The Metal monsters would be the strongest in such a battle.

10. Special

It seems unfair but it actually does. Special monsters are superiors over other elements. However, in other hands, breeding and training the special monsters are very tough tasks.

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