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The Adventure Map is the major game of the Monster Legends universe due to fun gameplay. It’s where the players spend their most time in the Monster Legends. Unlike the PvP/Multiplayer mode, the Adventure Map offers the players with challenging gameplay all the way through. Completing the adventure map is actually a long-term gameplay without getting the players bored. This article is a general overview of the Monster Legends adventure map.


Unlike the multiplayer mode which allows you to battle with other players, the Adventure Map in the Monster legends it’s where the player plays against the game environment facet. So, each player will face similar challenges and difficulties through the levels instead of looking for the pairing. The environment facet of the Adventure Map is automatically driven by system default.

As this article is written, there are total 430 levels in the Monster Legends Adventure Map. As usual, going forward on the levels means the increased difficulties and challenges. You’ll battle against mini-boss every after 5 Adventure Map levels while the Bosses will appear every ten levels. That would repeat until you complete all the levels.


Completing each level of battle will reward you currencies(gold and/gems), food, experience(XP), and even monsters. The rewards would vary depending on the level, the higher levels seems the more rewards you can get. The Adventure Map is one of the eligible sources of supplies and currencies in the Monster Legends universe. However, the rewards are only applied to the first attempts, so if you’ve completed a level once, you won’t get the rewards for repeating the level.


Depending on the level you’re completing, Adventure Map applies star score 1-3 to determine your completion on the level. The score will be completely depending on your battling performance in Adventure Map levels. It’s possible for you to repeat the level for the higher star. There is no limit on attempts in the Adventure Maps. If you only get one star in the first attempt, do your best in the second attempt for three stars.


If you’ve completed the level with three stars, then you’re eligible for more rewards. At this point, you’ll be able to spin the wheel and get the additional rewards to your account. As it’s random, each level and attempt may provide you with different additional rewards. This roulette encourages most players to complete the levels with three stars.

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General Thoughts

Most players face the biggest challenges to escape from level 150-200. Some of them just get stuck there and find the progressing is a little bit boring. The Adventure Map is actually very competitive, keep your best efforts on such condition. Some people get bored as they’ve been desperately progressing in Adventure Map but for forgetting other game modes. In such, condition you can take a break for a while and challenge other players in multiplayer mode. Get back to Adventure Map whenever you’re ready and comfortable with.

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