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Refreshing the Opponent Selections

The selection of the opponents is actually randomly determined by the multiplayer system. However, you can refresh the selections with a certain amount of golds. You’ll have to spend 5,000 golds for the first refresh and even 20,000 golds for the second one. It’s completely up to you but it’s not necessarily refreshing the selection since you can choose one of three.

In fact, if you want to enhance your breeding and overall game experience right on your own Island, you should build the breeding tree. It’s not a default building so you need to redeem it with gems from the Monster Legends store and it takes up to three hours to complete. Once it’s completed, gain more excitements in experimenting with new breeds. Along with the Breeding Mountain, the Breeding Tree provides you with the double fun of breeding experiences in Monster Legends.

Attack and Defense

Entering the multiplayer mode, you’ll have to set your attack team and defense team. Each lineup requires different monsters to set and you’re not allowed to use the same monsters for both teams. You’ll need to spend one attack point to perform each Attack actions. You’ll get three attack points in the stack which are generated every one hour. You can go on your Adventure Map progress while waiting the attack points are fully recharged.

Leagues of Season

There are different leagues in the multiplayer season which also reward you with different prizes. However, you need to have enough trophies to join the league. In order to join the highest Leagues in the season, you’ll have to possess the highest rank despite the number of trophies. Joining the prestigious League requires you to win most multiplayer battles. At the end of the season, your exceeding number of trophies will be reset into the edge of the requirement of the last League you’ve entered.

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