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The Multiplayer Mode of Monster Legends has gained the popularity in the day it’s been brought to the universe. It brings the social elements alive in the Monster Legends. Multiplayer mode allows you to fight against other players from around the world in a monster battle. Unlike the Adventure Map where you have to complete the levels in the sets of difficulties, you may never know who you’ll battle within the Multiplayer mode.

Here is what you need to know about the Multiplayer mode:


The gameplay is about battling three monsters of yours against your opponent ’s monsters. The multiplayer mode is played in a season which currently will end within approximately 25 hours. The system will rank your performance and you’ll get the additional rewards based on it.


The pairing system is a little bit flexible since you can choose an opponent from the three real players. Does it matter? Yes, it does since the pairing system informs you with the monster and the level of your opponent. Depending on your decision, you can take the equal opponent in this way. However, you should know that relics and runes of your opponent aren’t displayed, it would be the challenging part.


Trophies are the major award you earn as you’ve successfully defeated your opponents in the multiplayer monster battle. In other hands, you’ll lose some of your trophies you’ve earned if you lose the battle. The number of trophies determines your rank, the more you win the battle, the more chances you get for the top-ranked.

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