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Breeding is one of the major activities in the Monster Legends gameplay. There are more than 500 adorable monsters in the Monster Legends universe. Breeding the monster allows you to have an exotic monster or the powerful ones. It’s the very first step to enter the Monster Legends.

Breeding Mountain

In Monster Legends environment, all monsters from all element breed at the Breeding Mountain. Here are the characters of the Breeding Mountain

1. Discovering Monster Species

Actually, Breeding Mountain is the only place where you can discover all monsters. There is no way you can breed anything outside the Breeding Mountain. If you want to know what your crossbreeding would be like, you can go nowhere but Breeding Mountain to find out, it doesn’t matter what element the monster is.

2. Default Building

The Breeding Mountain is actually a default building just like the Hatchery building. Therefore, you can’t buy, sell, or store the Breeding Mountain building. It’s available by default and for free, so save your money and time attempting to purchase another Breeding Mountain. It just works in that way and won’t go anywhere. The eggs which are the result of the breeding int he Breeding Mountain will be going on the hatching process in the Hatchery building.

3. Breeding Log

Once you’ve increased your play, there might be just too many monsters to manage. Fortunately, the Breeding Mountain gives you an access to the Breeding Log. The log informs you with the last 100 monster breeding for sure. This way, you can perform repeat breeding for the same species without manually setting it up from the beginning.

4. 5×5 Building

The Mountain Breeding even has a smaller size compared to the Hatchery building which is 6×6. The Mountain Breeding of Monster Legends is only 5×5 and you’re only able to have one. About the size and quantity, it seems that there is nothing much you can do.

5. Upgradable

Fortunately, you can upgrade the Mountain Breeding using your gems to increase the breeding speed progress but not with the quantity. However, let’s look at the good angle, the upgrade actually double or triple quantity of breeds based on the same given time.

Breeding Tree

Since it’s impossible to duplicate your Breeding Mountain and some people are just not satisfied with the upgrades, you can use the Breeding Tree. The main function of this building is to provide you with additional breeding outside the Breeding Mountain. It has a more flexible function than the Mountain as here you can experiment with new species.

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