Habitats of Monster Legends

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Habitats are the main environment in the Monster Legends where you can house your monsters. Habitats are actually upgradeable to improve its capacity and functions. There are actually 10 types of habitats in Monster Legends but the maximum habitat you can have is depending on your current level. If you’ve just started playing Monster Legends, you can only have max 3 habitats, the advanced level(75+) are allowed to have up to 90 habitats. Let’s have a look at those habitats.

1.Fire Habitat

It’s the excellent habitat for your fire monsters. It’s not scaring as its name as you can definitely grow your monster in this inferno. Fire habitat could be your very first habitat as you’ve finished the tutorial.

monster legends monsters habitats2.Nature Habitat

If you want to grow your monster in an organic and natural way then nature habitat would be the best. Build the nature habitat by purchasing 250 golds but you’ll have to minimally at level 2 to have it. Nature habitat only takes 15 seconds to build.

3.Earth Habitat

If you’re already at level 3, you can unlock the Earth habitat which is excellent for your Earth monster. You need to spend 500 golds for Earth habitat and it takes 1 minute to build.

4.Thunder Habitat

It’s very exciting to have a god-monsters of Thunder in your gameplay. They deserve a specific habitat to grow. You need to be at least level 7 to build Thunder habitat for your thunder monsters. It cost you 500 golds and takes 30 minutes to build.

5.Water Habitat

It’s a very great experience to see your Water monsters swimming, diving, splashing, and thriving in the water habitat. It’s very important to keep them happy as well as feeding them properly. However, it’s an expensive habitat, you can redeem it with 10,000 golds and it takes two hours to build.

6.Dark Habitat

The Dark monster would love this medieval habitat since they can easily thrive around it, they’ll be happy in this habitat. It cost you 25,000 Golds and you should be at least level 12 to build and it takes 4 hours to build.

7.Magic Habitat

Your magic monster would consider this sorcery habitat as their home. The magic habitat cost you 100,000 golds and it takes half a day to complete. You need at least level 20 to redeem the Magic habitat.

8. Light Habitat

Your Light monster would be more shiny in this Light habitat where the sun is never off. You need at least level 25 to redeem Light Habitat and it cost you 250,000 Golds. Light Habitat takes a full day to complete.

9.Metal Habitat

It’s the excellent habitat for your Metal monsters. If you’re at level 30, you can unlock the Metal habitat with 412,000 golds. It takes a full day to build the Metal habitat for your monster.

10. Legendary Habitat

If you’re already at level 7 and want a paradise instead of common habitat for your monster, Legendary habitat is the best solution. The habitat is equipped with swimming pools and monster gyms.

It’s very important to grow the monster based on their elements. However, the Legendary habitat is the undeniable one.

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