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Monster Legends game review with breeding guide

Monster gaming never dies, It’s always exciting to play with monsters. However, what could be better than raising your own monster from eggs to armies and then take them out the monster battle? Monster Legends offer this very experience with more excitements. It’s one or ten of monsters, Monster Legends offer hundreds of them, they do not only vary in appearance but also in unique skill sets. It doesn’t stop there, you can also breed and cross-breed the new monster species. You’ll breed the army of monster.

Monster Legends is a multiplayer RPG game for Facebook and available for iOS and Android. Monster Legends allows you to breed and trained your beast into an army so you can bring them out to the battle against AI or other players from around the world. Here, players can generate a lot of free gems to monster legends without survey or human verification. Our monster legends online generator using a legit glitch.

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Monster Master is the role you play in the Monster Legends where you can customize a specially made habitat for your monsters called the monster Paradise. In this Islands, you do most preparation activities including feeding your monster for hacks, train them, and breeding them. You can either breed monsters for battle or quests, as Monster Master you’ll know the best configuration of your breeds.

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Monster Legends is free to play monster RPG games which is available in various languages. Like other Role Play Games, Monster Legends cheats requires you to build strong strategy both win a monster battle or level up. Once you’re confident with your monster squad ability, you can take them to PvP battle, it’s the best experience so far.

What could be more interesting is what Monster legends offer for a long-term excitement. The developer update the new monsters, paths, and items in almost every week. It also allows you to apply some “commitments” to your monsters and the missions. It might remind you with Tamagotchi but with a more deep and complex environment and gameplay. Somehow, it offers a more serious role-playing experience. But relax, it’s not that serious, overall, being a Monster Master in Monster Legends is enjoyable.

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As previously mentioned, you can play Monster Legends in Facebook or Download them to your Android or iOS devices. If you’re going to play it on Facebook, you can simply use your default engine, login, and enjoy the game. In other hands, you can simply download the official Monster Legends mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Easy setup. If you’re using the mobile app, you can optionally sync your Facebook account to share your status, updates, and/or any achievements. If you’re setting up the game for your children then integrating it with Facebook is highly suggested. It helps you to protect your children from connection with the wrong people in the game.

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Once you’ve entered the game, a humble character Pandalf which is actually the in-game Monster Master will greet and guide you to the gameplay. He’ll start to explain how you should develop your Monster Paradise where all the things begin.

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Don’t get confused with what you should tap or do at the first time. Pandalf will guide you to set up the habitat for your monster legends guide to breeding. In the initial stage, there is only one habitat you can buy and setup called Fire Habitat. Well, it’s typical at this point.

As you’ve set up the habitat, you shouldn't wait to breed your first monster legends mods apk. You can get more free legendary monsters. Pandalf will guide you to buy an egg of Firesaur which is a native monster of Fire Habitat. Then, you need to wait for your egg to hatch. You need to place your monster in the habitat as soon as the egg has been hatched. Here we go, this is your beginning, you won’t forget this experience for sure. It also works with Monster Legends 2017.

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You might be wondering when you can take your Firesaur for a battle. That’s a wise question, Level 1 monster is actually not eligible yet for clashes especially considering the fact that it’s difficult monster legends cheats to find an equal monster to fight out there. So, it’s pretty much certain that you Firesaur will lose at its first battle. You need to feed it to gain the experience points which make it stronger gradually.

Once your island and monsters are developed, you’re ready for the battle. However, it doesn’t stop there, you’re on your way to battle in PvP mode. You can team up and fight against players from around the world. You can also team up with your Facebook friends and beat other players so you’re able to join the Legendary Leagues which offer high rewards.

Developing Your Island

Next, you’ll add more monsters into your Islands and follow the Goals button which recommends you the next steps including breeding your nature with the elements to create a hybrid powerful monster. This button can be accessed anytime but how you play is at your full discretion. You need resources to feed your monsters in monster legends hack, you need to build your own farm to keep going on feeding. You’ll grow the first item called Blue Lizard’s tail in your farm. It’s also the end of the tutorial mode.
monster legends adventure map
26 November 2018

Monster Legends The Adventure Map

The Adventure Map is the major game of the Monster Legends universe due to fun gameplay. It’s where the players spend their most time in the Monster Legends. Unlike the PvP/Multiplayer mode, the Adventure Map offers the players with challenging gameplay all the way through. Completing the adventure map is actually a long-term gameplay without getting the players bored. This article is a general overview of the Monster Legends adventure map. Gameplay Unlike the multiplayer

monster legends guides
13 November 2018

The Monster Legends Hatchery

It might be an unpopular topic for some people, but the Hatchery in Monster Legends plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Actually, every egg will go through hatchery. The Hatchery in Monster Legends appears as 6×6 building and is available as the default one. Every Monster Legends Players start the game with the Hatchery by default. Here are the characters of Hatchery building in the Monster Legends gameplay you need to know to improve

monster legends resources
7 October 2018

What are The Currencies in Monster Legends and How to Earn Them

There are three in-game currencies in Monster Legends including gems, food, and gold. They’re used for various activities and progresses in the gameplay. Let’s have a look at those currencies. Gold The gold bar is the main and most-used currency in the Monster Legends platform. You spend gold for growing food on your farms, upgrading the building, activating your monsters’ Runes. Fortunately, there are many ways to acquire coins including collecting them in the Dragon

monsters from monster legends
30 September 2018

The Category of Monsters Base on the Rarity

There are five categories of Monster in Monster Legends based on their rarity including Common(C), Uncommon(UC), Rare(R), Epic(E), and Legendary(L) Common It appears as a yellow-colored circular emblem with silver outline. The “common” is the most basic rarity category in the Monster Legends. What might describe the basic monsters is that they only have one element. You can have a Common monster at the very beginning of your Monster Legends gameplay. The Common monsters are

monster legends gems legendary habitats
6 September 2018

Habitats of Monster Legends

Habitats are the main environment in the Monster Legends where you can house your monsters. Habitats are actually upgradeable to improve its capacity and functions. There are actually 10 types of habitats in Monster Legends but the maximum habitat you can have is depending on your current level. If you’ve just started playing Monster Legends, you can only have max 3 habitats, the advanced level(75+) are allowed to have up to 90 habitats. Let’s have

monster legends game
25 January 2018

Monster Legends Multiplayer Tips

Refreshing the Opponent Selections The selection of the opponents is actually randomly determined by the multiplayer system. However, you can refresh the selections with a certain amount of golds. You’ll have to spend 5,000 golds for the first refresh and even 20,000 golds for the second one. It’s completely up to you but it’s not necessarily refreshing the selection since you can choose one of three. In fact, if you want to enhance your breeding